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Investing and working in Germany

Our client base also includes numerous non-German nationals with economic interests in Germany.

Domestic trading can be organised in a variety of forms, among them

  • Direct business from abroad
  • Establishing a commercial agency in Germany
  • Setting up a plant or permanent facility in Germany
  • Holding shares in a German partnership
  • Establishing a joint-stock company in Germany

Before any investment decisions can be made, numerous individual aspects need to be considered. Taking your personal needs and wishes into account, we show you what your best options are and assist you in meeting all disclosure, accounting and notification requirements you need to follow in Germany. A plethora of special regulations need to be taken into consideration in this context, among them

  • Special regulations governing transfer prices
  • Double taxation agreements
  • European directives and rulings from the European Court of Justice
  • Regulations governing loss offset
  • Malpractice regulations

At the same time, however, artists, musicians, performers, athletes and people in other similar categories need to observe and meet certain taxation requirements when performing or participating in events in Germany. Organisers run the risk of incurring liability if they fail to observe such requirements.

We advise you on an ongoing basis on all issues relating to international tax law – expertly and comprehensibly.

Our expert advice especially covers the following:

  • Establishing plants in Germany
  • Establishing a partnership or joint-stock company in Germany
  • Handling of payroll accounting
  • Compliance with all tax declaration obligations applicable in Germany for people with limited tax liability
  • Filing for tax deduction amounts for non-resident artists, etc.
  • Assistance developing a transfer price study
  • Implementing mutual agreement procedures
  • Obtaining binding advice
  • Sales tax on the cross-border delivery of goods and services
  • Applying for input tax reimbursements
  • Exemption procedures

We have a very good command of English and Polish.

We will be happy also to advise you on any estate tax requirements you may have as a non-resident.