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Tax Consultancy

As an entrepreneur, you need to meet a number of tax declaration and disclosure obligations.

To ensure that you do not miss anything and can focus on your core business, we take on this bureaucratic work for you. We handle all correspondence with the fiscal and other authorities on your behalf. We file all the necessary applications and safeguard your legal interests by submitting legal remedies and rights of appeal within the prescribed deadlines. Should you need to be represented before the Finance Court or the Federal Fiscal Court, we are the people to represent you.

We make your tax burden plannable. During our autumn strategy talks, we show you what amounts you can expect and which commercially viable arrangements would result in your tax burden being reduced.

We look into the legal form of your organization under fiscal law and company law and prepare the relevant comparisons of tax burden. In us, you have consultants at your side who think on their feet and are actively involved in working towards your independence.

If you are ever audited by the fiscal authorities or the social insurance agencies, you can benefit from our many years’ experience and the professional way in which we approach and monitor the audit.

Our tax consultancy services for entrepreneurs include:

  • tax planning, comparison of burdens
  • tax rate optimization by exercising electoral law
  • tax-oriented balance sheet strategy
  • choice of legal form from a fiscal perspective
  • advice on succession planning
  • changes in company form
  • auditing of contracts from a fiscal perspective
  • strategies for extraordinary income
  • optimization of loss carrybacks
  • company pension schemes

One of the main focuses of our work involves facts and data relating to operations abroad.

This can raise a number of questions for you as an entrepreneur, including:

  • What domestic obligations and/or consequences can I expect to have to undertake as a result of establishing a plant abroad?
  • Can losses suffered abroad be offset with revenue at home?
  • What do I need to consider when acquiring an interest in companies abroad?
  • How will my company abroad (e.g. an English Ltd., Dutch BV, American LLC) be treated in terms of your internal operations?
  • What tax consequences come with moving my place of residence abroad?
  • What happens when I dispatch an employee abroad?
  • What special tax considerations exist with respect to EU issues?
  • How can I avoid double taxation of revenue achieved abroad?
  • What reporting requirements are of importance? As an entrepreneur, how do I go about reclaiming input tax paid abroad?

We will be more than happy to answer these and other questions as part of our consultancy package on international tax law.