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Payroll accounting

Another of our special focuses of attention is payroll accounting.

Here, you can rightfully expect more than just accounting. Experience has shown that numerous consultancy approaches and reasons for consultancy exist which can result in reduced non-wage labour costs with non-cash benefits which raise levels of motivation among the workforce and therefore help to tie personnel to your company. We can recognize these benefits in the ongoing accounting, actively approach you, and show you potential options based on concrete calculations. Just some examples of this include the provision of company cars, petrol vouchers, computers or restaurant vouchers. We advise you constantly on matters relating to your payroll accounting!

Our payroll accounting services include:

  • payroll accounting
  • management of payroll accounts
  • advice on how to apply remuneration schemes exempt from taxation and/or social insurance
  • human resources management
  • social security-relevant assessments
  • tax bracket optimizations
  • human resources accounting
  • travel expense accounting
  • company pension scheme models