International tax law

No-one with a cross-border economic interest can avoid having to deal with a plethora of special taxation regulations. National and European tax regulations, bilateral agreements and jurisdictions need to be observed.

The so-called principle of worldwide income and the different ways individual cases are treated in the fiscal systems of individual countries can lead to a person being liable to pay tax at home and abroad, resulting in double or multiple taxation. Tax laws can, however, also promote cross-border activities, whenever a lower tax burden is achieved through specific arrangements which are the result of international operations.

Our team includes tax consultants who have successfully completed a course in international tax law lasting several weeks and who continue to maintain a particular interest in the field and to extend their expertise in it. On 25th September 2009 Mr Michael v. Arps-Aubert was formally recognised by the Berlin Chamber of Tax Advisers as “International Tax Law Specialists”. We are thus able to provide exceptionally competent consultancy in this field. We see ourselves as long-term partners offering sustained advice and support.

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